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Why We Invented Magic Trader®

Traders need to learn technical analysis over a number of years before they feel comfortable to pull the trigger
Run into analysis paralysis problem
In costs money to learn many systems and only a few work and those are harder to learn
Most systems do not have risk assessment shown or calculated every step before pulling a trigger in trading.
No one has developed a methodology which can indentify risk dimensions as it happens, then sequence them for optimal catergorized manner for point of use entry with multi-confirmation, every tick or competed bar. Magic Trader® does multidimensional, multiconfirmation risk assessment and produces pinpoint entries/exits.

About Magic Trader®

Magic Trader® was invented by Peter Dalal after getting frustrated of teaching many traders technical analysis as it was taking away away time from trading for him and others

Those who want to make money did not have the time to waste due to many other responisibilities. Also one cannot trade for 24 hours to make a living. It has to be done in a short amount of time

Magic Trader® is a product which represents the travel of current market vehicle prices through various Magic Zone Lines or Magic Zones along with dynamic magic multi-colored candle collection with multi-confirmations, demonstrations of various dimensional risk and creation of multi-dimensioanl risk spectrum.

It is a first evidence of multi-risk assessment - multi-confirmation representation bar by bar in history of trading along with minimum requirements of traditional technical analysis experience in real time for any market vehicle in any user desired time frame

Magic Trader® eliminates a lot of unneccesary efforts and produces to the point efficiency in trading and reduces the cost of learning, trading and produces better economical environment for the trading community.

Magic Trader® Design 

The inventor discovered more than seven major types of risk dimension categories and more than 2000 subcategories of risk that do exist in trading and there is no way any trader can keep track of these risks and assess, prioritize and defend them in order to produce very efficient results.

Magic Trader® is based on a complicated design basis doing several million calculations every second without using much data.

Eight Major types of Risk Covered are:

Vertical Time Risk Dimension
Horizontal Time Risk Dimension
Magic Health Risk Dimension
Magic Dynamic Sectional Price Risk
Magic Sudden Market Spot Risk
Magic Trend Change Risk and Risk Warnings
Special Market Conditional Risks
Fundamental Risks

Magic Trader® at a Glance 

Magic Trader® can be used for Scalping, Swing Trading, Long Term Trading and Options

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Past Performance is not a guarantee of future results. Any type of trading involves high risk and is not suitable for everyone. Trade at your own risk. Save Dollar Enterprises, Inc. and its subsidiaries/affiliates assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results.
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