Instant Vortex Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes is a no-fuss side dish to dress up your dinner table. Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes. Servings: 3 sweet potatoes. Place the sweet … Piercing the skin of the sweet potato before cooking will allow steam to escape during the air frying process. Cook for 35-40 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork. The size of the sweet potatoes matter! Cook at 390 degrees for 40-50 minutes (depending on the size of your sweet potatoes… Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. However, if you want to leave the skin on you should not preheat the air fryer prior to cooking them. Perfectly baked sweet potatoes, every time! Thank you Chunky Chef! Preheat air fryer to 390 degrees. Make sure the chunks are all the same size to ensure … Too often they are associated only with large meals, or holidays. Air Fryer. Sprinkle with fresh parsley before serving. If that happens, it’ll still be just as tasty. I believe that gourmet meals should be something we can ALL enjoy. Fried or roasted sweet potatoes can be cooked and served in different ways and seasoned in different ways. OMG! Try them with my Sweet potatoes are so firm that I usually use the tip of a sharp knife to pierce the potato in five or six places. Rinse your potatoes in a large bowl with water getting debris off. I cooked 4 same sized sweet potatoes for 45 min. Lay the sweet potatoes in the basket. The perfect sweet potato, fluffy inside, crisp outside, made cinnamon honey butter (AWESOME) Thank You Chunky chef! I made these sweet potatoes in my Instant Pot Duo Crisp, with the air fryer lid.But you can use an air fryer oven, or cook your air fryer … Sweet potatoes are an underappreciated side dish. Place sweet potatoes in the basket, being careful not to overcrowd to allow air flow around each potato. Cook for 40 minutes on 400 degrees. Your email address will not be published. Place sweet potatoes on air fryer rack or basket, making sure to leave some space between them and not stacking them. Preheat air fryer to 390 degrees for 5 minutes. Here’s a sneak peek photo of a recipe to come where I used Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes as an ingredient! If you do freeze them, the main thing here is to flash freeze them. Place the potatoes in the air fryer to fit. Yes, with care, but they are best served fresh. 2. This simple sweet potato air fryer recipe comes together quick and cooks perfectly in an air fryer ( or even the oven, just spread out on a baking sheet and follow the same cooking temperature and time instructions.) Bake at 425 F degrees for 45-50 minutes on a foil-lined baking sheet. Cauliflower Pizza Crusts Cuisine American. These are best prepared with the skin removed. Sprinkle over olive oil and salt then rub to coat potatoes. These are so easy, it doesn’t take much effort to serve up a healthy side dish. Cut the potatoes into 1-inch cubes and transfer them to a large bowl. Spray the air fryer basket with olive oil cooking spray. Aren’t sweet potatoes just the best?! Course: Side Dish. Cubed Sweet Potatoes. I followed instructions exactly and was rewarded with the most perfectly cooked (crispy on outside and fluffy on inside) baked sweet potatoes I ever made (I have been cooking for 50 years). This Air Fryer Sweet Potato recipe is perfect for baking whole sweet potatoes in your Air Fryer. Using a fork, poke several holes in sweet potatoes. The Cinnamon Honey Butter was a link, it takes you here to the recipe Absolutely wonderful sweet potatoes.No mess, the kitchen isn’t hot, no cleanup. Required fields are marked *. I like to coat the skin of the sweet potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle them with kosher salt. Also, this particular model is dishwasher safe which we appreciate! I’m making this for my dinner for the third night in a row. The sweet potatoes turn out perfect, I love them. Cook for 15 minutes at 360ºF. @2019 - All Right Reserved. This sweet potato recipe is perfect for the air fryer, but if you don’t have an air fryer, you can still make them. As an Amazon associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Sweet potatoes taste just like crispy fries but at a fraction of the calories! Consider these air fryer sweet potatoes. Use a fork to poke holes in them. Print Ingredients. Welcome! Your email address will not be published. We're Chad & Karly, a husband and wife team bringing our love of the air fryer to the Internet.
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