Job Descriptions. Objective To advance the educational mission of the Museum of the Jimmy . Carter Library by conducting tours and providing educational programs for the general public (children, adults, families). Help young adults improve information literacy skills during afterschool tutoring. Library Volunteers file and find books, or put other materials in their proper order. program), able to demonstrate school enrollment, and available to work at least four months (pre-college) or three out of four academic quarters (college students). Library assistants help librarians and library directors keep the library up and running by assisting with the clerical duties. Library assistants typically need to be able to complete the following tasks: Charge and renew materials Assist patrons in locating materials Answer telephones and take messages Weed collection of worn-out and obsolete materials as necessary Greet and direct customers Maintain records Developing job descriptions for your library staff needs can be daunting. �ʪ{���ִ�ߐ���-�������Y�Mf�E�-� �b�%vUT�(&A$1E��JC��\�510.ĥ%�B�y��.����=�L���ߚ��W��Z�-p�����$�o���{,*w ����g�Py�]�ީ��G5��Yw��`��*�. Davenport Public Library Library Volunteer YOUTH COMMUNITY OUTREACH ASSISTANT JOB DESCRIPTION DEFINITION: This volunteer assists the Community Outreach staff by visiting various locations throughout Davenport providing library services. Describe for each job your title, responsibilities, and accomplishments, with a focus on performance and results rather than duties. While a formal educational background is not necessary for this position, candidates' resumes should reflect a knowledge of alphabetical filing rules and the Dewey Decimal System. This collection provides examples from a number of libraries, for a variety of different roles, and provides details like position titles, essential job duties, and qualifications. All rights reserved. Makes reminder phone calls to other volunteers who assigned to projects for the following day. To serve as a Student Assistant, you must be 16 or older, currently enrolled in school or college (high school, college, vocational or technical school or a G.E.D. Skills and knowledge. endstream endobj startxref By monitoring the sorter, processing the materials bins, and managing the transit totes, you will help keep the Library collection running smoothly while we circulate over one million items each year. Apply to Library Assistant, Circulation Assistant, Public Works Manager and more! Participated in all areas needed in children's programs including: Literacy, art projects, games, songs, and selection of reading materials. Duties include recording loans, reshelving books, and organizing the library. Volunteer Job Description. Special Assistant; Library Information Specialist; Audio Visual Technician; Additional titles and variations more precisely represent the different operations of the library, such as acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, interlibrary loan, and so on. Assisted with early literacy program design and implementation. Night and weekend work may be required. The Library Volunteer assists in the organization and upkeep of the Billings Farm & Museum Research Library, located across the street from the Museum in the Richard Billings House. If you would like to volunteer for a FIRST event, sign up or login to Volunteer Registration, located in the top right corner of this page. Childcare Volunteer Job Description . Sample Volunteer Job Description: Volunteer Office Assistant Benefits • Knowledge that you are working as a team to ensure that office functions run smoothly. Communicating regularly with … Effectively tracked student reading throughout summer programs insuring proper fulfillment of prize requirements. Instead of pay, some libraries, such as the Winter Park Public Library in Florida, recruit teens to volunteer … Coordinate educational programs such as: zoo day, cooking day, and bowling. Preferred librarian assistant for pre-school programs. The position requires the ability to carry/lift medium weights of library materials. Job Descriptions. Preparing materials for preservation work. Collect evaluative data, surveys, and collaborated with Friends Group, Coordinate educational programs such as: zoo day, cooking day, and bowling, Perform clerical duties: answering phones, making copies, shelving materials, Assist patrons with finding materials in OPAC and on shelves, Was proactive in the library community and helped customers/ individuals that were in need of some sort of assistance, Was always willing to work things out with my coworkers and helped them fulfill their duties, Was always aware of the rules and did what I was told by my previous supervisor no matter what it was, Assist in the creation and design of book-based exhibits, Support librarians in hands-on research workshops and events, Attend off-site assessments of future collections, Perform subject cataloging using FAST subject headings, Used Follett software to scan books in and out and run overdue report. Seven year volunteer throughout the yearly programs. Volunteers assist in the Sorter Room by monitoring the sorter, processing the materials bins, and managing the transit totes. Collect evaluative data, surveys, and collaborated with Friends Group. • Free parking if needed. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Help young adults improve information literacy skills during afterschool tutoring, Handle, organize, inventory and value rare books in the closed collection, Verify and create basic information such as dates, names, and descriptions, Accounting, Business And Computer Classes. Other routine duties of a librarian or library assistant volunteer may be: -Assist in the preparation of bulletin boards and displays -Assist in the organization of library events and programs -Assist in the preparation of library promotional materials -Establish and maintain friendly, cooperative and effective working relationships with all persons contacted in the course of the work day You'll need: administration skills. �v��3 Staff Coordinator Program Support Assistant . Job Title Museum Docent . Each role links to the role description that includes responsibilities and any experience that is needed. Salary Schedule. Volunteers may visit the area food pantries and provide services for students participating in Summer School. The ideal volunteer will exhibit a pleasant, courteous manner, and have a sincere desire to help people who cannot come into the library access and use materials. Job openings are posted on the City of Beaverton's Government Jobs website. the ability to work well with others. h��Xmo�8�+��Պ��v��ۖk�Vw] �!�l�R�������KO��J�8c{f���ȐP�(�B�W�(N�� J�:�k��D��0� n���I��PF4%,4�h��SK4'�0x���-an���Я�P��!��D2��Ha81�Hi�%Х�4ĀG܀kৄɍ ��J��[�LGi֙F�f���g�|�/;y���ø���t�C_��0l�æ�h�@}�c��)0,ߔ�o*�75��]�����e�����"��/y�G�q�����o?�^��f�,��C�1v������f14ڄ�F��izJyНO��D�Կ��alc6�'9���9�E�K]Ќ�Wq���F) �coX�`y1�gD����/������pII�e߽����h~ҌF�C�|�}�(FԹU��6���]�}������w�,�O�m������Ip����1yń��C,���):�%�30��T���� �,�{�Ͽ?��d�g��0}�����t�1507��M/[��h,��>��n᷇)���4E�����D�sݷ�������mF�fx;��׌ �O�"Y:U�Z.�kA�ҿ' ��Q{�.\؆�pO�h�2 1) Lend and collect books, periodicals, videotapes, and other materials at circulation desks. 3) Process new materials including books, audiovisual materials, and computer software. Opens the mail and distributes it. Answered patron queries in a timely and courteous manner. Their tasks include ensuring volunteer training, recruiting new staff, organizing events to attract new members, and managing budgets and resources. Stamping documents. P^ ��I+@��[\;KGC��1%�Ԙ*P�Xxj�9:[��`�CP��7� Library Assistant new Sewickley Academy 4.5 Sewickley, PA 15143 The library assistant position supports the Director of Libraries through a wide variety of library… Developed and conducted children’s story time on a weekly basis. Librarians and library technicians supervise them. Job openings are also advertised on the Oregon State Library Jobline. Position classification standards and functional guides define Federal white collar occupations, establish official position titles, and describe the various levels of work.. Active Eligible Listings. Active Eligible Listings. Their duties include organizing materials, collecting fines for overdue or lost materials, checking in and out books, dvds, and other materials to patrons, and returning books to … Thank you for being part of our team. customer service skills. ���@�l�vB'��� ��� t6����}2iLf���"�fy�)ʠ�V`]�7Qa��~ݒ�9�.���B2̟f=MqG��SPm�VoYp[�dȊ���-E�a܅��F�@���`�]� f�eM � ��/"� �"\(0H�[��� 裹`�5���I�)@� %N� All volunteers must be screened as part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program . %%EOF Volunteer Coordinator Resume Examples. distinguished from the next lower level of Library Assistant by the applied knowledge of the Library Associate. h�bbd```b``�� �q�d�e��&�d}"Y���?��� ��*fˀI0Y"�[�&G�HS��H2�.���H�di�lf��; Position: Production/Library Assistant (Volunteer) Department: Accessible Information Services (Library) Responsible to: Digital Production Coordinator.
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