Race melanope, which is not well separated from the nominate subspecies, is described as the population breeding in eastern Europe and central Asia mainly along the mountain chains of the Urals, Tien Shan and along the Himalayas. They were vigorously shaking the riparian and scrub vegetation on the bank. [9] In Europe the nests are often made in holes in manmade structures. Newly born chick and hatched egg. He saw the adult female duck grab the grey wagtail in her beak, and repeatedly submerge it in the water, before eventually eating it. [13][14], In some parts of its range the white-throated dipper nests in the same habitats as the grey wagtail and there are some records of interspecific feeding of dipper chicks by adult wagtails. The upperparts are grey and the yellow vent contrasting with whitish underparts makes it distinctive. A bird with white, gray and black feathers, the young birds are yellow. Its tail is noticeably longer than those of Pied and Yellow Wagtails. The bird, identified from pictures as a fledgling Before they built the barrage these mullet came all the way up the Taf to Blackweir. Waiting for food. [7] They winter in Africa and Asia. Gulls of this species will change their motley plumage for a white one after first Two small fledgling pigeons sit in the nest. Its black-and-white markings and long, wagging tail make it easy to identify as it hops across the road or lawn. After unexpectedly bumping in to a birding friend and enjoying a chat to a real live person (a rare treat in these days of lockdown), my final wild treat was seeing these two Mallard ducklings, meandering along the river with their mother. The Grey wagtail fledgling helps to show the size of the fish. Island forms include patriciae of the Azores, schmitzi of Madeira and canariensis of the Canary Islands. Disclaimer: The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students The crisp white percale linen, fluffy towels, high quality mattresses and spacious bathroom are all indicative of what one can expect. ( Log Out /  The species looks somewhat similar to the yellow wagtail but has the yellow on its underside restricted to the throat and vent. The pied wagtail is a familiar bird across town and countryside. fledgling Grey wagtail, Motacilla cinerea, Regent's Park, London, United Kingdom. [6] The male in display, makes short flights up into the air and descends slowly with fluttering flight accompanied by a rapid series of chipping high notes. Males have a grey face with a black throat bib and a white 'moustache'. It was being caused by large fish, feeding on the weed that’s growing on the stones just under the water. The clutch consists of 3–6 speckled eggs and multiple broods may be raised with declining numbers in the clutch in subsequent broods. Juvenile White Wagtail in stone field. Taken 13th May on the River Test in Hampshire. The breeding male has a black throat that is edged by whitish moustachial stripes. [8], The breeding season is April to July and the nest is placed near fast running streams or rivers on an embankment between stones and roots. Fledgling of gray sea gull on the edge of a fountain in a European city. Before you do help, consider why the bird may have been abandoned: it may be ill, injured or deformed and the parents are simply letting nature run its course. I wonder if they’ve adapted to living permanently in fresh water. [9][18], Adults often have parasitic ticks, Ixodes ricinus, which can harbour Borrelia and thus can potentially disperse Lyme disease over a wide region. The first unexpected treat was the large number of both Sand and House martins flying low along the embankment: the air around me was alive with their close flypasts and their noisy chirruping. Swithland Reservoir. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A Grey Wagtail with a caterpillar – image from an earlier encounter. I saw thick-lipped grey mullet in the Taff, just up from the link-road fly-over by Hamadryad Park, this time last year. The Grey Wagtail is more colourful than its name suggests with slate grey upper parts and distinctive lemon yellow under-tail. Mario Photo - Video Production 2,000 views They sing their twittering song from a perch or in the air. During this time, a second bird was flushed from the bankside vegeta-tion by the activity of the subadults shaking the long undergrowth, and landed on the water surface, some 30 m from the bank and 12 m away from the Mallard group.
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