Gig bags are built with layers of padding that vary in width depending on the manufacturer. Getting your instrument from A to B is important, especially if you are a busy musician, traveling, practicing and playing shows in many different places. This small price is worth the investment for the added benefit of extra security. We were equally impressed by the Ibanez MB300C hard shell case made of a top quality ABS plastic outer casing that seals your bass from the weather and dirt. In terms of shape, the FB620 can accommodate the overwhelming majority of body types. The importance of a good electric guitar case is overlooked by far too many guitar players. Overall the exterior is quite impressive with a slightly arched finish to the top. There are hundreds of options ranging from $10 to over $500, and when you’re relying on this case to protect your baby, of course you want to ensure you’re making the right choice. The double rubber feet are also great when the case is standing up and will keep it upright regardless of surface. Pros: + Perfect hardshell/gig bag cross over + Dense foam protection + Excellent value for money. When considering Les Paul cases, it is worth pointing out that Gator offer a great alternative to the Gibson option above. When buying a case, it is well worth investing what is on offer from the guitar company itself because they know their instrument far better than any third party case manufacturer. Pro Rock Gear is a relatively new outfit who have been founded by some music industry veterans, experienced roadies and music gear and accessory junkies. best-guitar-case. As with acoustic guitar cases, the name of the game is guitar shape and the same applies here for electric guitars. Similar in style to the guitar G-PG version, this one is designed to accommodate Fender bass styles (Jazz and Precision) and scale lengths. Hardshell electric guitar cases. The benefits of a good case are not to be underestimated. These two factors combined mean the guitar fits nicely inside and is well protected before we’ve even considered the exterior, which is a waterproof fabric with rubberized parts, notably on the bottom side of the bag. Especially considering it most likely cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Here we have a soft shell bag made of a thick layer of textured polyester. This is very much an area where you get what you pay for. The straps are excellent and can be easily removed or tucked during transportation. Why We Liked It - All in all a good product. 2,120 Reviews Scanned. This is their super lightweight fit-all model. Also, the front compartment has been designed to accommodate laptops and tablets of various sizes. Pros: + Superior ABS outer + Solid aluminum valance + Heavily padded interior + Superb fit and protection for double cutaway guitars. It comes with locking clips that are TSA approved making it perfect for flying. There is also a well-designed neck cradle, also acting as a body block. It has to be said that it is more expensive than many alternatives, yet it is worthy of the price because of the protective assurances it offers. Flexibility, protection, professional design, great storage space and a reasonable price. Most guitarists would never leave their prized instrument unattended, yet some circumstances require it. ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case, 4. The body section is an excellently designed snug fit, while the neck support runs along the majority of the length of the neck of your guitar. The case itself is made of a strong rubber-modified styrene material for maximum durability while the edges are lined with a reinforced valance for extra protection. Best Sellers in Acoustic Guitar Bags & Cases #1. What could be more important than protecting your instrument? Here’s what they offer: 1. Their products are synonymous with quality, intelligent construction, and gorgeous design. Rank . It also features a robust EVA backing, this is all part of the patented ballistic Quadraweave outer complete with waterproof zippers. Also, their offerings are not restricted to the music world either with laptop sleeves, wallets, and other wonderful creations all part of the company's back catalog. It features a sturdy shoulder strap, however, there are no back straps. ProRockGear Artist Series Rectangular Electric Guitar Case; 5. In the same vain, check how thick the layered materials are, especially if you are considering a gig bag. Bestselling; Top Rated; Best Price Guarantee. Do Electric Guitar Cases and Bags provide the same level of equipment protection? Perhaps the most widely known example of this was Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain who had an affinity for the Jaguar. classical guitar case for professional guitaristsguitar hard casehard case for guitarbest tsa approved lockguitar case designroad case designflight case materialsacoustic guitar flight case. The exterior is made of ATA military-grade molded polyethylene plastic. It also has a large front pocket with multiple subdivisions with buckles through which seatbelt straps can be fed to secure the contents to the bag more securely. As well as a superbly stocked standard range they also carry 335, Les Paul and Flying V products. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we'll beat it. It does come at a cost given the array of features, though the price shouldn’t put you off. They even produce violin accessories and t-shirts, these guys do a bit of everything and to a decent standard too. We honestly can’t find a scenario where a guitar ends up damaged if it is safely housed in the Pro Go and adequate precautions are taken. With this in mind it is difficult to assign an overall superior product for all guitars. Instead we have to focus in on the most common body types. An essential purchase. To say the case is real quality would be an understatement. Overall, we have the quality synonymous with Gator products linked to a list of basic, yet well designed features that make a reliable and strong case. Body and Headstock room is ample yet not too spacious to ensure a decent fit and a good level of protection. The bolted-on leather handle helps reduce strain as well. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro Review, Seagull Guitars S6 Cedar Original Guitar Review, Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Vintage Sunburst Review, Excellent hybrid between hardshell and gig bag, Suspended headstock for maximum protection. On the other side of the spectrum are cases made of a hard exterior of either wood, durable plastic, fiberglass or other high quality materials. The inner of the Pro Series is a universal design meaning it will accommodate both right and left-handed guitars. There’s also enough room to safely store valuables such as a laptop if required. The 3rd Gator installment on this list and there is a simple reason for this. Learn more about cookies. Also with electric guitars there is the added risk of damaging humbuckers, single coil pickups and internal electronics. Some are also made with water-resistant materials, a real bonus if you happen to be caught in a downpour on your way to band practice. Shop for guitar case at Best Buy. We also liked the fact that the bag uses a strong, durable zip to close. The right one for you, of course, depends on a number of factors but mainly on how active you are as a guitarist. You’ve bought a guitar and now you are tasked with buying all the miscellaneous items and accessories that go with it. There should be something here to suit everyone in terms of budget, functional requirement and many other factors. In this video, we have listed the Best Guitar case. 0 Reviews. Temperature, whether it be hot or cold, and in particular humidity can wreak havoc on your guitar. Why We Liked It - An absolutely outstanding guitar case. This is exactly what the CC-EHC from ChromaCast is. The bass sits snugly inside and feels well supported on all sides. Waterproof PU Leather Acoustic Guitar Case Gig Bag Double Straps Padded Backpack Case For 40/ 41inch Classical Acoustic Guitar. Picture View on Sweetwater Overview Detailed Description; Gator ATA Molded Guitar Case: Designed to meet the latest airline safety requirements, the Gator ATA Molded Guitar Case hard case is perfect for frequent flyers and it … One of the standout features is definitely the neck support which is very strong and sturdy, your investment will remain well protected inside. The inner sports a plush, padded lining and some very generously spaced compartments for storage. We also have a four in one pocket solution on the front with loads of space to store guitar accessories. Overall, the FB620 is humble in appearance, yet offers a variety of subtle, well-designed features and details that keep the bass protected and secure. Below we take a look at the best Electric Guitar case options on the market. The Rectangular Case offers exactly this with an eye-popping selection of features as well as a lifetime warranty to boot. 1. As a company, they have adapted throughout the years and not only operate in musical instrument cases and gig bags but also in cases for the telecommunications and sports industries. The four drawback latches are heavy-duty components and once closed, the case is securely held together. $19.99 #2. ... We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The four chrome latches are equally reliable. There is also neck support which is good although it has been noted by some consumers that you can feel a very slight downward shift of the guitar when picking up the case. A deeply plush lining with a robust EPS foam padding will protect your investment from the most serious of bumps and scrapes. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies, Review of the Best Electric Guitar Cases of 2020, 1. A lightweight gig bag will not provide the same degree of protection that a heavy duty hardshell case will. All in all, a gig bag that brings peace of mind while travelling. Pros: + Lightweight and easily transportable + Strong outer shell + Robust handle. Don’t be afraid to look well above the $100 mark. This brings us to the other main benefit. The heavy-duty zips are a nice touch that adds reassurance. As such, it is important to find a case that offers a reliable and shock proof latch system. The most obvious and most important of these is protection. Some musicians do a lot of traveling and are constantly moving around, which means that their guitars are in need of some extra protection. On the interior, it just keeps getting better with a plush and padded lining with plenty of room which should accommodate most guitar styles. The handle is very comfortable though at a strange angle that can make the case swing when walking with it. A novel solution that we were taken with. The interior sports an EPS foam layer lined with a thick layer of plush lining to keep a bass’ paint job untouched and protected. Then, we will provide a list of the very best models that caught our attention for their cost effectiveness and overall quality. Right now you can grab this for just 54 bucks so if you are on the lookout for a decent hard case with a budget price tag this could be for you. The latches are large and cover the entire edge of the case and we see these as virtually impenetrable without the use of specialist tools and equipment. Our final choice in the best bass guitar case category is the SKB Electric Bass Rectangular Case. The interior has dense plush lining, a perfect fit neck cradle and loads of space for accessories thanks to the inbuilt compartments. Though, in general there are two overwhelmingly popular options that we will detail below. About the Author. This type of debris can be hard to remove if, for example, it lodges in the crevices between a pickup and the body. Gator Electric Guitar Lightweight Polyfoam Case (GL-ELECTRIC) 2. The handle is robustly fixed to the case so there’s no worry of it breaking off. Inner padding 3. The body block and neck cradle are extremely versatile in this sense and permuting them allows most bodies to fit well. This case is a double case; you can carry two rifles and even two pistols. Score . The most important factors to take into account when purchasing are what exactly do you need from a case and how much are you likely to use it, i.e how much do you transport your instrument. How do you go about selecting the right Electric Guitar Case? What you should be on the lookout for is simplicity combined with maximum value for money. The best guitar hard case again is a Gator product (a coincidence, they just make really good guitar cases!) The neck also has a convenient cable pocket. Among the best bass guitar gig bags, we gravitated towards the sister model to the Ibanez acoustic Powerpad, the Ibanez IBB541BE. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates. Coupled with the fiberglass exterior is a rubber seal valance that is waterproof and runs around the edge of the case to make it impenetrable, keeping humidity levels low. We have a 20mm padded bumper that covers the entire surface of the bag with a polyester outer layer for added protection. Look for strong stitching and bolt on options. It sports a 15 mm padded cushion on both the bottom and sides of the bag for maximum protection. In this instance, a decent gig bag will suffice. However, if you are just a bedroom player and quite content at that, with no intentions of having to haul your gear to shows or practice then a gig bag should suffice. Similar in style to the guitar G-PG version, this one is designed to accommodate Fender bass styles (Jazz and Precision) and scale lengths. As with any guitar accessory, there are two many options to count and we all let out a communal exasperated sigh when it comes to choosing one. It will warp the wood and cause it to fall radically out of tune. Inside we were thoroughly impressed with the thick micro-fleece padding system with extra thick sidewalls which ooze protectiveness. As stated above this should be of most interest to those of you who are looking for a Strat or Tele style case on a budget. Why We Liked It - A great product. Gator offer SG and Les Paul models if required. What this is, is a solid bit of gear that should do exactly as it says it does for a reasonable price. But with so many options and styles, this guide to the best guitar stands and guitar hangers should help you decide. The adjustable ergonomic backpack-style straps are extremely padded for comfort and come with an air mesh pad where your back meets the bag for maximizes airflow, ideal for when your bass is on your back for long stints. This model is everything you will ever need from a guitar case. Inside we have an uncommon soft hair red leather plush with a nice bass mold cutout that will fit any SR and Ibanez style bass very well without any wiggle room. There is also a cushioned and molded handle crafted with comfort in mind. Also, there are cases for their other famous models like the Jaguar and Jazzmaster. On the outside, we have four chrome plated latches and four metallic feet to keep it elevated when sitting on the ground. These cater for different requirements that vary from the size of the guitar to how and how far it will be transported. A good quality electric guitar case really is an essential investment yet is overlooked by far too many axemen. To keep all these parts together, we have a thick aluminum valance that covers the entire edge of the case for a perfect seal when closed. Really nothing else will come close to the level of quality or protection for your specific requirements. Gator Electric Guitar Lightweight Polyfoam Case (GL-ELECTRIC). At just short of $80, this is an absolute bargain. They were established in the year 2000 by the father and daughter duo Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris. They may or may not meet your needs more than this. Also, storage is brilliant with compartments located all over the bag. A five way latch system keeps it sealed as well. Here are the best hard cases that will provide maximum protection for your instrument. The exterior follows the Gator style of using ABS molded plastic linked to a looping valance made of aluminum for maximum seal and security. Here are a few points that should help you determine how good a bag or case is. If you are a regular gigging guitarist or often find yourself at band practice or jamming sessions then investing in a good quality hard case would be wise due to how mobile your guitar is. This is a no-frills, ‘get the job done’ kind of product, just what the budget buyer needs. To find the best electric guitar case we have searched high and low through Amazon to find the best models on the market right now in 2020 . Best Guitar case. The lock is a nice addition particularly if you are planning to travel by plane where you can’t be too careful. The case can handle knocks and impacts well thanks to this setup. Many models now come with full locking mechanism and keys for not much more in terms of price. The case is made to feature a good and excellent construction and design from wood while it is made to look and appear stylish and appealing with a black colored and durable Telex finish around its outer surface. They even offer an LED equipped version for those looking for something a little flashier or need lighting on a dark stage. At just over $100 this is a no brainer. This particular unit comes with an ABS surface and another lining of EPS foam that guarantee its durability and rigidity. The four latch fiberglass reinforced trigger release locking mechanism is TSA recognized for added reassurance. Hard cases, in general, provide the best protection available for your guitar, both physical protection and environmental protection. Rank . If there is too much room inside, the guitar moves around and gets damaged. Many of these aren’t actually needed and are more a way for retailers to make a quick buck. But, among the selection of guitar accessories available, gig bags and cases are undoubtedly the most important for the simple fact that they protect your guitar from damage when it isn’t being played. Portability is also a consideration here with many gig bags designed to be transported with ease thanks to straps that sit nicely over the shoulders or handles for one-handed carrying. The benefits of an electric guitar case are myriad. With a little more cash to spend, we highly recommend the Superior CF-1510W Deluxe. Our acoustic felt secure and well protected thanks to a snug fit. Should you find that they do then it would be wise to consider how much you are willing to sacrifice to have an official Fender product if you choose to opt for this case. Pros: + Excellent hybrid between hardshell and gig bag + Rugged exterior construction + Dense foam lined inner. They also have the advantage of knowing the weakest parts of the guitar and can craft a case with these in mind. The thick grab handle is recessed so that when in use the bass levels out to its natural point of equilibrium, meaning it won’t rock back and forth uncomfortably as you walk. There are three compartments for storage that seal completely when the case is closed, with one even lengthened for stacking effect pedals or a metronome and another for cables. The Continental Voyager set the bar for electric bass guitar cases back in 2008 when it was first released. 9.9 . 1 Yaheetech Rectangle Shaped Tweed Hard-shell Guitar Case. Pocket wise we have a large lower pocket with multiple compartments that can store accessories as well as valuables and a large cable pocket along the neck, as well as a concealed midway-up pocket with space for a wallet or documents. And if you care just a little bit about your guitar, don’t even consider cases without any padding as they offer NOprotection whatsoever. The majority have been created to accommodate their 2 flagship axes, the Stratocaster, and the Telecaster and you will see that we have a few reviews on our list above. Another patented feature of the outer is the Zero-G handle, which is palm-contoured and sports a weight distributing foam core. Im Monica and I am an avid lover of guitars and everything in-between. These are generally much more resilient than soft cases and provide a thick layer of protection from damage at a cost to weight and portability. Also, the headstock remains suspended inside the case meaning your prized investment should be safe from potentially neck snapping impacts. No, they are not. It is ultra lightweight and sports a robust handle and solid latches accompanied with a briefcase style locking mechanism for maximum security. Spending a little more on a good quality gig bag made of a strong and robust material would be a wise investment. It is specially designed to accommodate the 2 legends of the Fender catalog, the Stratocaster and the Telecaster (and other manufacturers of similar designs). The double interior compartments are also well positioned for maximum space efficiency and can be used to store a variety of accessories as large as effect pedals, cables and a full-length strap, negating the need for an auxiliary bag to carry these. They were founded in 1977 by Dave Sanderson and Steve Kottman and believe it or not actually manufactured their first case out of a garage in California. You are entrusting it to protect your instrument and it needs to be able to do its job well. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. We were also impressed with the quality of the padded straps and handles that are sown directly into the bag itself for ultimate hold. It’s also worth noting that they offer a fundamentally identical case for the Gibson SG that comes highly recommended as well.
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