Seras teases Integra in a similar fashion that Alucard used to tease her, and Integra confesses some insecurities about her aging appearance. In OVA IV, there is a brief moment where Pip and Seras are having a seemingly happy discussion. She had a fairly broad-shouldered torso, yet maintained a very voluptuous and buxom figure, which was further accentuated by the fact that she is considerably shorter than virtually all of her allies. Seras Victoria is a character from the anime/manga series Hellsing. Seras joins Walter, Arthur Hellsing, and Sir Penwood as characters Integra can trust and openly show affection towards. Seras was turned into a vampire by Alucard to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot wound in the chest that he also caused to kill the vampire priest who held her hostage. Jan, now disabled by gunshot wounds at the hands of Integra and the council, died as an unknown entity set him alight from the inside, the vampire only giving a single clue as to who sent him, 'Millennium'. Seras and Pip first meet after Walter hires professional mercenaries to fill in for the soldiers that had been killed during the Valentine Brothers' attack. The flashback ends with Seras seeing glimpses of the criminals raping her mother's corpse. Fumiko Orikasa Seras Victoria war in ihrem menschlichen Dasein eine gerade mal 19-jährige Polizistin, die zu einem Einsatz in das Dorf Cheddars geschickt und dort mit ihrer Truppe gegen einen Priester vorgehen sollte, der mehrerer Morde verdächtigt wurde. Zorin initially greatly underestimated Seras despite The Major's warning. The robbers, named Sigmund and Freud, were surprisingly affable and treated it as a normal job, despite having murdered Mrs. Victoria and her husband, but argued as they'd planned to rape her in… In the first televised anime series, he was depicted with prominent, sharp canines, possibly to heighten his resemblance to a vampire and make him a symbolic counterpart to Alucard, the "tame monster" of the Hellsing Organization. During the fight in headquarters, Seras (with Alucard's help) breaks Pip from the illusion cast by Zorin. Whew, after lots of work I’m finally done. It seems that upon becoming a full vampire, Seras has inherited some of Alucard's powers, and perhaps whatever modifications Hellsing had made to him as well. According to Absolute Anime, the Alucard from Hellsing (not Hellsing Ultimate) is 1.91 m (6'3") tall. Seras is initially an attractive young woman with blonde hair cut into a flare cut and blue eyes. English voice Kouta Hirano stated in an interview at Otakon 2006, "Her relationship with Alucard is very complicated, since "many things mix together", like being part of the same kind. She's the "light that stands out from the darkness" (quoting Kouta Hirano from an interview). is one of the main protagonists of Hellsing. Spielzeug. Gender It is only when Zorin insults Pip by referring to him as an insect that Seras is moved to rage and finally drinks Pip's blood. ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Gundam with Brad Swaile → 1/8 Seras Victoria Completed. When Seras regains herself, she too is horrified by her actions. This inspires Seras to take down the airship. Before gaining the Harkonnen, Seras used a relatively smaller rifle, firing 13.7mm rounds, as is seen written on the gun in the OVA. Upon fully embracing vampirism, nothing changed about her overall figure with the notable exception of her left arm. Seras, in response, calmly smiles and says that she's "not afraid of anything anymore", although she was shown to cower in fear when she fought against The Captain's werewolf form. 4, we discover that they had returned to Alucard after failing to find transportation out of South America. Featuring Seras Victoria from Hellsing against Lady from Devil May Cry 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Seras Victoria 4 Lady 5 DEATH BATTLE! She then destroys the Major's shield, blowing away half his body in the process. Meanwhile downstairs Alucard killed and consumed Luke Valentine. The two remaining mercenaries of the Wild Geese salute Seras and address her as "Sir" before she leaves, and Integra realizes that Seras drank his blood without any knowledge as to what had happened at the mansion. A calm and collected individual, Integra handles most situations that would induce terror and fear in the average person with a controlled ease. Using her illusions, Zorin distracts Seras with the horrible memory of her father's death and the rape and murder of her mother. Seras Victoria Hellsing amv-I'm so sick - Duration: 3:03. jenshady102693 21,190 views. Seras challenges him to a duel in which she is only allowed to flick her fingers. When Alucard returns to London, he notices the change in Seras as well. Seras is a strong willed woman, and apparently had always been since childhood which is confirmed through her flashbacks. Right before his death, he orders Seras to drink his blood so she can kill Zorin. Hellsing: Ultimate I Seras tries to protest but is berated by Alucard for her mercy toward mortals. Police GirlDraculinaMignonetteMs. During her master's fight with Tublucain Alahambra, she tries to shoot at him but fails. Blinded and weakened, Seras tries to find him when they fall to the ground, calling his name and feeling around for him. Seras's hatred for Zorin is revealed by Seras's claim that she would not drink Zorin's blood even if her survival hinged on it. If you don’t agree with the information about height, etc. 12.12.2016 - Moteu P. hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Bitches love cannons. Her severed left arm is restored as the same type of shadow-matter that Alucard can manipulate, and all of her abilities skyrocketed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A distraught Seras charged out and stabbed one of the criminals in the eye with a fork before being shot in the gut. It'" Sometimes we have questions about: “How tall is seras victoria?” At the moment, 06.02.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,67m. Furthermore, the Greek counterpart to Ceres is Demeter, the namesake of the Russian ship Dracula rides to Whitby in Bram Stoker's novel after he kills everyone on board. First appearance (manga) While carrying out this mission she would come face to face with Father Alexander Anderson from the Vatican agency Iscariot who pierced her with numerous blessed blades from behind before proceeding to fight with Alucard. Hellsing OrganizationLondon Metropolitan Police (formerly) Seras does so and kills her and the reinforcements. So… Funny Height Challenge Pictures Más información Character: Seras Victoria / From: Kouta Hirano's 'Hellsing' Manga & Anime Series / Cosplayer: Giu Ramos (aka GiuliaHellsing, aka Giu Hellsing Cosplay) / Photo: Gabriel Neo NiGHTS (2011) Moments before the battle in headquarters, Pip shares an intimate story with Seras about his time in London and all of the people he has met there. In volume 4 and episode four of the OVA, Integra tells Seras that it is time for her to accept that she is a vampire. Seras is initially an attractive young woman with blonde hair cut into a flare cut and blue eyes. Zum Hauptinhalt Hallo, Anmelden. Moreover, the theory that is a master and simple servant/slave relationship was rejected by him, saying that "At first, they were saying it should be master and slave, but then they changed their minds because they said 'no, no, master and slave is the relationship between Alucard and Integra'. The Captain is Seras' silent, deadly adversary. Seras was turned into a vampire by Alucard to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot wound in the chest that he also caused to kill the vampire priest who held her hostage. Seras is stunned by this but gives into his kiss. With her inhuman speed, she constantly pokes the captain into submission. Her mother, Mrs. Victoria, hid Seras in a closet and then confronted the criminals, who immediately killed her as well. Required fields are marked *. Hellsing - Seras Victoria 1/8 Scale PVC Figure (Convention Exclusive): Spielzeug. The flashback ends with Seras seeing glimpses of the criminals raping her mother's corpse. Add a photo to this gallery . A character similar to Seras was present in Hirano's earlier work, "Serás Victoria" in Spanish literally translates to ". The last visage in his dream was Seras' face, ending the flashback and chapter with the words: "There is a voice. Enter Seras Victoria, the sole "surviving" member of a police squad killed by a vampire. This character is a member of Hellsing. From Lakewood, New Mexico. Once more, after she started to cry, he regretted his actions and his tone softened. Seras Victoria, London, United Kingdom. After being fatally wounded by Zorin's scythe, Pip tells Seras, who was blinded and crippled, to drink his blood so they can win together. Heinkel's silhouette can be seen standing in the background 30 years after The Major's attack on London. Seras stays with Integra during the thirty years transitional period in the manga, where the two have grown even closer as companions. On her order, Seras opens fire on the Major and injures him, allowing Integra to move in for the kill. Later, he describes her as his "servant who loves only him." Note that The Captain once kicked Alucard in half and made him back off in The Dawn when Dracula appeared in the form of a girl. Pip is wounded by the time Seras arrives but is overjoyed to see her. The two are then rescued by Pip Bernadotte after Alucard defeats Tublucain. When Zorin Blitz attacks headquarters against the Major's wishes, Seras holds her off with the Harkonnen II. Seras Victoria (セラス・ヴィクトリア, Serasu Vikutoria?) She usually wears a tight yellow Hellsing uniform with a short skirt, long white stockings, and tall brown boots (the uniform turned red due to the amount of blood absorbed into her body during the events of OVA 7). The vampire took Seras hostage; unsure if she was a virgin or not, he planned to rape her to ensure she would turn into a ghoul after he drank her blood. She was given a new uniform and almost immediately sent out on a mission by Integra with Alucard to eliminate some ghouls which had infested a household. It was then Seras was also given her new weapon, the anti-tank cannon Harkonnen. Eye color: Blue: normal Seras was born and grew up in Leeds, where when she was a little girl, she and her family were victims of a break-in. Due to her obtained immortality, she now remains in her 19-year-old form permanently. Despite Walter becoming a traitor, Seras and Walter still genuinely care for each other and he was taken aback by her gratitude for him as the butler of Hellsing as they wished each other to take care in their final words of exchange despite officially being friends no longer. In the OVA, Seras' shadow also developed a resonating effect similar to Alucard's, which became more prominent when she was in battle. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. VictoriaHellsing's New Trump CardMon CherKitten Seras became a full-fledged vampire and Heinkel a regenerator. Your voice sounds fine regardless; like fragments of shattered melody.." By volume 9, Alucard fully recognizes Seras' growth and tells her: "Go with our master. On the fateful night, she became a vampire by Alucard, in order to save her life after Alucard shot through her to kill the vampire priest. Pip then rushes to save her but is killed by Zorin Blitz. Later she easily tears through her men and comes to the rescue of the Wild Geese crew who were mostly being slaughtered by Zorin Blitz's battalion. 1,67m. Pip waits until she's close enough before he moves in and kisses her. … Walter was highly respected by Seras and was also her mentor as an elder. However, she is a loyal and trustworthy soldier who will diligently follow the orders of her commander, provided said commander has proven his or her worth. In the second volume of the manga, he insults her and states that he regrets ever turning her, yet expresses guilt when he sees she is upset. The "fertility" part is emphasized in her rather large assets, and "motherly relationship" is symbolized in her sweet, motherly personality. Relationship: ??? After a vicious battle which demolishes Hindenburg II's main hanger, Seras kills her nemesis with Pip's help by using a silver tooth. Sometime later, Walter revealed to Seras that per Sir Integra's order, he disposed of her bed and replaced it with a coffin. Her first name has also been interpreted/spelled as Ceres, who is the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationship. 1. We cannot say it's just father and daughter." 3 of the manga, Seras and Pip do not interact well. Before facing Anderson he compliments her: "Why so loud police girl? In another flashback, Seras expresses her strongest wish - to become a police officer, despite being persuaded against doing so. It's purely employee-employer with a degree of prejudice on Integra's behalf. Before becoming a fully-fledged vampire, she usually wore a yellow Hellsing uniform with a matching mini skirt, long white stockings, ankle fold brown boots, and brown gloves. While there is no dialogue, Pip seems to be flattering her and Seras seems to enjoy his company, and in the credits of OVA 7, Seras is seen giving Pip a playful wink. After Zorin killed Pip Bernadotte, she finally pushed Seras too far with her sadism, resulting in Seras drinking his blood and awakening as a full vampire before proceeding to decimate Zorin and all of her men in the fight that followed. My first figure kit and I think I did pretty well for a first attempt. In volume 8 and the eighth episode of the OVA, Alucard greets her with a gentle smile, and pats her on the head, saying only her name: "Seras... Seras Victoria." Crush: ??? Seras Victoria. Together Seras and Walter were able to stop this from happening. Hellsing Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Pip seems to be of French origin, having a French surname; Bernadotte. After defeating the Captain, Seras returns to Integra. After defeating him, Pip tells her to go and end it. Vol. 6 Results 7 Next Time! After taking a terrible beating, Seras hears Pip's voice telling her to stand up because "the girl [he] know[s] doesn't give up so easily." 7 and OVA VII, Zorin Blitz casts an illusion on Seras, causing her to flash back to her very dark history. Height, Weight and Net Worth of our Heroes. Her conduct is very business-like, however she isn't incapable of a bit a humor, goodnatured and not. May 27. Join Facebook to connect with Seras Victoria and others you may know. Hirano has mentioned in interviews that Pip is of Swedish/French origin. **It was submitted by Gray Cebon, 35 years old. She then proceeds to save Integra from the Iscariot priests and meets up with Alucard on his return to London, astounded by his original form. Integra introduces Seras as a "genuine vampire," much to Pip's disbelief. ***It was submitted by Charlton O’rourke, 56 years old. Alucard offered her the choice of dying human or becoming a vampire. **It was submitted by Gray Cebon, 35 years old. Pip doesn't make another appearance until Vol. Her relationship with Integra Hellsing is strained and professional in the TV series. In episode VIII of the OVA, when Alucard returns, Seras awkwardly welcomes her master back, but nervously hides behind Integra when he stares at her. Seras chooses to become a vampire and, by consequence, work for the Hellsing organization alongside Alucard. Her devotion to morals and integrity is rather unusual, considering her horrid past. 2,417 likes. The horrific murder of her parents caused her to react violently to bullies and other children. Seras Victoria. Zu ihrem Unglück stellte sich jedoch heraus, dass der Priester des Dorfes ein Vampir war, der alle Einwohner getötet und zu Ghulengemacht hatte. When Integra is ordered to kill the remaining ghouls, Seras expresses great sadness for her. Seras Victoria(セラス・ヴィクトリア, Serasu Vikutoria) is Alucard's fledgling. Throughout Vol. In Vol. She chose to live and Alucard turned her into a vampire. Despite that, Seras makes it her duty to protect Integra and even shows regret when she could not save her from Laura's attack. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue learning lots of new things and get better. Not only are her powers enhanced, but it is also evident that she is no longer afraid to use them. Much later she is comically locked in her coffin by Alucard so she could be tricked into traveling in the jet to Brazil. as opposed to the usual "police girl." After drinking Pip's blood, Seras displays a few changes. Other [edit | edit source] Seras as she appeared in the anime (left) and the OVA (right). 3 of the Manga and the third episode of the OVA, Alucard yells at Seras after she objected to his ruthless slaughter of human beings. Prime Einkaufswagen. In Vol. Go and conquer, Seras". Seras Victoria and pip. Job: (Pulp Grinder And Blender). On a side note, Seras' name is similar to 'Seraphim'; a six winged angel associated with light and purity. Alucard expresses both trust and patience for Seras' development as a vampire. First appearance (OVA) Mostly because he kept awkwardly staring at her. His final thoughts before dying were, "She's such a good girl. However, it should be noted that The Captain was in his human form, not werewolf form, for most of the fight and there are strong signs that The Captain never intended to win, as seen when he stayed in his human form, he knocked her down into Millennium's treasury, which was the only place which possessed the material that could kill him, and he was smiling at the face of his defeat, the first and only time he ever showed clear signs of emotion. A distraught Seras charged out and stabbed one of the criminals in the eye with a fork before being shot in the gut. As she pulled out the blades from her body Alucard's voice spoke to her, bidding her to drink his blood and become a true vampire. In chapter 82, Integra and Seras go to face The Major but are confronted by the Captain. Hellsing Episode 1: The Undead After Anderson and Alucard's brief fight, they return to England to attend the meeting with The Queen and the Round Table Conference. The group he had infiltrated traced him back to his home and brutally murdered him. Height: ??? The overall progression of her abilities and combat prowess is best depicted by the fact that Seras (with Pip's help), managed to not only do battle with the experienced Captain, Millennium's greatest soldier (besides Walter) on nearly equal terms, but best him. She vows to beat all of them. He describes her as a "fascinating creature" beneath her girlish exterior before explaining his reasons for turning her into a vampire. There is a voice calling out. When they arrive in Brazil, Seras awakens to Alucard telling her to prepare for battle with the Rio SWAT team. Walter often cared for and encouraged Seras as the butler of the Hellsing family. 19 (1999)49 (2029) Seras, however, was too hesitant to do so before Anderson caught up to her, it was only the timely arrival of Integra and Alucard's subsequent resurrection which saved the situation. Servant to my master's, master, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. During the Invasion of London Seras and the Wild Geese are stationed at the Hellsing Manor and she manages to destroy Zorin's airship Alfred Rosenberg/Graf Zeppelin II. After revealing the Hellsing troops were now Ghouls Jan broke free of her hold, sending Seras into the arms of the ghouls. When questioned about them having a father/daughter relationship, the author answered "There's no one way to distinguish how they (Alucard and Seras) feel about it (their relationship). During the course of this battle, Alucard's head was taken off by the priest and Seras, fearing her Master dead, took it and fled. I am Seras Victoria. While Integra looks for the Major Seras confronts the Captain and is again being beaten by her Millennium opponent. However, the distraction allowed the Nazis to infiltrate the building. Walter led their attacks and Seras provided armed support, eventually managing to pin Jan down in a grapple she learned from her police training. She is also the Hellsing organisation's third strongest warrior, and the only one of the organization's super soldiers to strictly survive the battle with Millennium. Soon after she is present when Paladin Alexander Anderson dies and questions Walter for his betrayal of Hellsing. In her final moments of human life, she was given a choice: to die as a human or become a vampire. In volume 2, Seras loses control of her vampire instincts during the attack on Hellsing manor. Seras is a strong-willed woman and apparently had always been since childhood which is confirmed through her flashbacks. When she was just a child, Seras' father, a police officer, "got in too deep" during an undercover mission. Captain of the Hellsing army. Margot Robbie Pushes Her Limits While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones - Duration: 24:51. Before going to their posts, Pip attempts (but fails) to steal a kiss from Seras who screams at him. 1,877 likes. Her heroism is cut short when she realizes Alucard has returned. Childe to my master, Alucard. 23-oct-2014 - Elwin Coldiron descrubrió este Pin. Her victory is short-lived when Pip points out that she had killed the "innocents" as well as the targets with her shot. Sometime later, Seras was sent to live in an orphanage. Shortly afterwards, a confrontation with the Iscariot Section XIII leader Maxwell occurred at the British Imperial War Museum, during which Seras successfully managed to avert another fight between Alucard and Anderson by pretending to be a tour guide. Seras does not even have to say that Captain Bernadotte has died before Integra realizes it. Upon meeting face to face, Seras stood her ground against Zorin until Zorin used her powers to dredge up Seras's memories, costing Seras an arm and her eyes. Her level of maturity in comparison to the other characters is somewhat questionable; she seems to be the child the others could not be, yet possessing a sort of worldly maturity and superficial intelligence that most other characters lack, as well as a sort of 'nurture winning against nature' mentality, as opposed to most other characters. Her figure is well developed, especially her large breasts. Zorin then slices off Seras' arm, stabs her in the back, and then blinds her with her scythe. He encourages her to get back into the fight and tells her when and how to attack. Seras' prototype character from the Legend Of The Vampire Hunter oneshot, Private third class Yuri Kate. Meanwhile, Pip and the others are being beaten back by the Nazis, though Pip is confident that Seras will come to their aid since she is "[that] kind of girl." Mit diesen machte er nun Jagd auf die Polizisten u… Shortly afterwards Seras bursts into Alucard and Walter's conversation, complaining that Pip and the other mercenaries were "sexually harassing" her by singing a dirty song. It is discovered that Seras' father, a police officer, "got in too deep" during an undercover mission. Job: (Pulp Grinder And Blender). As such, it is implied that the other characters can sense Pip's presence within her. During a fight with Anderson she tries to intervene but is scared into submission. Species During the mission to Rio de Janeiro, Pip and Seras rarely interact, though he hijacks a helicopter to help her and Alucard escape after the battle with Tubalcain Alhambra. Her transformation was completed upon her truly embracing her vampiric nature and enhanced her abilitiies while giving her access to higher-level powers; subsequent souls would thus serve only to increase her overall power level and regenerative abilities without changing the nature of her powers. ***It was submitted by Charlton O’rourke, 56 years old. Shortly after transforming, however, she learned how to mold the shadow matter into the shape of her original arm. She then comes to her master's aid after hearing gunshots from her room but stops her attack when she finds Alucard back and alive after 30 years. Age The best character in Hellsing. 30 years later, Pip is referred to as Seras' shadow and has covered the entire mansion. Weight: ??? Although she mostly acts as comic relief (among other Baby Seras Victoria with his mother from anime Hellsing Ultimate. Affiliations Although she loses her weapons during the confrontation with Zorin, relying instead on her "Shadow Arm," Seras makes use of firearms again during the confrontation with the Captain, using a pair of MG-42 Machine Guns salvaged from dead Millennium soldiers. Kids: Axel, Xion, Sally, Shira, Snowflake, Isaac. Seras is very grateful for him and deeply pained when she was confronted by the reality of Walter joining Millennium simply to face Alucard in battle.

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