Breville states in all its toaster oven user manuals to use a soft, damp cloth to clean the LCD. Nothing was mentioned in the manual about this but I looked up other brands and read their manuals and they said to run it through a few cycles before using. Hold the toaster over a sink or garbage can and give it a gentle shake to dislodge any crumbs that may be trapped in the inner workings of the toaster. Note: the bread carriage levers ¤ will not stay down unless the toaster is plugged in and the wall switch is on. Thankfully, cleaning a toaster is a quick process. Remove the baking rack … Make sure you do it … Before cleaning your toaster oven make sure it is unplugged and cooled. If you can, bring the appliance over to the sink or an open trashcan for cleaning. But a good weekly cleaning like this one is more realistic for us, how about you? The cleaning method we described above is exactly how you deep clean a toaster and should be done at least once or twice a month if you regularly use it for toasting grilled cheese sandwiches, bagels, etc. Pull out the crumb tray: Pop out your crumb tray and shake off all of the loose crumbs.Most toasters have a removable tray at the bottom where the majority of … 1. There was a weird, nauseating chemical type smell afterwards. With the inside properly cleaned, now begin cleaning the exterior, use the sponge to give it a rough clean with water. (Cheap paintbrushes are a handy thing to have around for a lot of cleaning and maintenance tasks!) When I got it home I set it up and turned it on for the first time with no toast or bagel in it. Use another clean paper roll and repeat the twisting and turning. Turn the toaster upside down and shake. If there are crumbs stuck in hard-to-reach places, use a clean paintbrush to brush them out. Deep clean your toaster once a month. Swipe a dry toothbrush or bottle cleaning brush around those coils to loosen things up, then upend the toaster and tap it gently to shake out the crumbs and other debris you freed. The lemon will clean the more sticky and greasy dirt inside. English muffins and multi-grain breads tend to drop more crumbs than a slice of white bread, and toaster pastries can leave a sugary residue. Step 1. Then use the detergent to get a more thorough cleansing. Unplug your toaster, and be sure it has cooled completely before getting started. Be sure to apply the cleanser to the cloth and not directly on the LCD screen. Ventilate the room during this period. 5. So I just bought a new toaster. To keep your toaster oven in good condition you should try to wipe it down after every use. Unplug the toaster: Make sure your toaster is unplugged and completely cooled before you begin your cleaning process.Because cleaning your toaster can be a crumby business, work over the sink, trash can, or a newspaper-covered table. Usually weekly cleaning is adequate; however, it will depend on how frequently you use a toaster and what is being toasted. Use a clean, dry toothbrush, (not the one you use to scrub grout — a new one) or an old, clean paintbrush. [2] Use a soapy, damp soft cloth to gently clean the knobs and handle and then rinse with clean water. Before first use • Before using the toaster for the first time operate the toaster without bread. Again, be sure the toaster is unplugged. If you’re really determined, you can use a can of compressed air, the kind they make for cleaning computer keyboards, to get into the crevices. Loosen the crumbs with the brush and then brush them out.
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